Opossums Removal

Opossum Removal

As the only marsupial in the US, the opossum is an interesting animal. While they look innocent, these critters carry tons of nasty diseases and love to make dens wherever they can, including your attic. It is vital to get possums out of your home and property as soon as you can, as they can be a real nuisance. Continue reading to learn about the opossum’s penchant for damage, prevention methods, and how they can be removed if you have them on your property

What damage do opossums cause?

While they normally avoid confrontation, possums can sometimes be startled or sick and get violent. If you have small pets or children, it is wise to get rid of this critter so no accidents happen. Opossums are known to carry all kinds of nasty maladies, from leptospirosis to toxoplasmosis. There is also a chance for rabies when dealing with possums.

The opossum loves to make dens in people’s attics and under their decks. They will drop feces all over, and these are loaded with all of the aforementioned health concerns. If a mother opossum or pregnant opossum gets into your attic, they love to build nests for their babies. Listed were only a few reasons that possums need to be dealt with as soon as you know you have them in your home or on your property.

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How do I prevent opossums?

One of the best ways to keep opossums off of your property is to simply remove any food sources that are easy to access. Locking up pet food and trash is a great first step in preventing any future possums. One other way to keep these critters out is to make sure that your yard is cleaned up. That means clean up any woodpiles, brushy areas, or anywhere else that would make good shelter for these critters.

How are opossums removed?

While it might seem easy to remove opossums on your own, it can get messy easily. If the opossum found its way into your attic and had its young, these little critters will die up there unless you find them. This will cause nasty odors throughout your home. Wildlife removal professionals will use cage traps to remove the adult possums and then pick up the babies by hand to safely remove them. Once removed, they will be taken to the wilderness and released humanely.

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Why hire a wildlife control company?

Legal issues when it comes to homeowners removing opossums is a large reason to choose wildlife control companies. In addition to catching the adults, wildlife control experts will clear your attic of any babies and will find out where the opossums got in, provide solutions, and then will be able to install or fix these for you. If prevention is not taken care of, you will only exacerbate the possum problem. If you are a resident of the Houston area (Harris or Montgomery County), consider reaching out to Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC to take care of your opossum problems with their years of experience and know-how.