Bat Removal

Bat Removal

To most people, bats are not creatures they want to be around, whether it is because of the way they look or the nasty and harmful diseases they carry, such as rabies, coronavirus, and Ebola. While a small number of bats are carriers of rabies, they all carry all kinds of nasty germs, viruses, and bacteria that have the potential to be fatal. These winged critters are very important to remove quickly, as being around them for even a little bit of time can be highly harmful to one’s health. Continue reading to learn about removing bats and why it should be done with the utmost expediency.

What problems do bats cause?

Bats cause two major types of problems: threat to one’s health and destruction of property. Zoonotic diseases are the main worry when dealing with bats. Zoonotic diseases are simply viruses, diseases, and other maladies that are transmitted to humans by various animals. While there are several deadly diseases that bats carry, they carry an average of 130 different diseases and viruses. Ebola, coronaviruses, and Marburg are just a few of the most deadly diseases bats have been found to carry. However rare as it is, especially in places like the United States, there is always a chance they could be carrying such deadly diseases.

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Home Damage Caused by bats

Home damage is the second major worry about living with bats. If they gain access to your attic, which most of them will eventually do, they defecate all over your attic and whatever other places they can get to. Bat droppings cause stains and weaken materials, in addition to creating terrible odors. Not only do these droppings cause damage, but they can also carry more bacteria and diseases and can make their way into humans’ food, drinks, and eventually, their bodies. These are some of the reasons why you must remove this animal as quickly as possible.

How do I remove bats?

While it is a bad idea to have bats living near humans, they are highly beneficial to us. All kinds of insects are eaten by them, and they kill many mosquitoes that carry other diseases that can be given to humans. This is just one of the reasons that homeowners should not try to remove bats on their own, as humane and careful removal will keep them alive and ensure they continue to do their job in the ecosystem. It is also not a good idea to try this on your own, as it is easy to be bitten or scratched by a bat. The one-way door is one of the best ways for bats to be removed from your home, as it lets them leave freely, but does not allow entry again. A professional wildlife removal service should be contacted to do this job, as it takes a good amount of experience and know-how to do this effectively.

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Why hire a wildlife removal service?

It is much better to hire a wildlife control service to take care of your bat problem, as they have years of experience and have seen it all. They will be able to safely and humanely remove the bats from your buildings. There are all kinds of laws when it comes to removing bats from your home depending on where you live, so it can be a good idea to call a wildlife professional either way. One of the most important services a wildlife removal service can provide is searching for places where a bat is likely to get in. Once they have found some trouble areas, they can recommend the next steps or possibly install these prevention methods for you. If you live in the Houston area (Harris or Montgomery County), reach out to Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC and let them put their years of experience to work for you.