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Attic Clean Up & Restoration | Quality Pest & Wildlife

Animals love to make their homes in our attics. Much to the dismay of homeowners, this can be a costly problem to fix. Animals will make their dens out of anything they can find, tearing apart wood, insulation, wiring, etc. to find materials. Even if the animal doesn’t tear apart the attic, cleaning up the waste products and aftermath of an animal or pest infestation is necessary. We, Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC, are experts in doing this. We remove any pest or wildlife infestations for all citizens of Houston, Harris County, and Montgomery County.

Why The Attic?

Animals, simply put, absolutely love to live in attics. You wonder what it is about your attic that is so attractive to animals. Well, let’s take a look into that. Attics provide an ideal environment for animals. In the summer months, the attics tend to stay cool. In winter months, the attic stays warm. This is because, in the summer, the attic is large enough to air out. It doesn’t get hot and musky. In the winter, the heat produced from the heating of your home rises into the attic. Attics also tend to provide easy access to other parts of the home. Animals can crawl through the walls or use the duct-work to get to and from it. The attic is, in most cases, not visited by homeowners too much either. This allows the animals to make their dens large before they’re noticed. This creates the potential for large families of pests or wildlife making their home in your attic.

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The Need To Clean

Cleaning up after an infestation may not seem necessary, especially since the attic isn’t seen by visitors. To your surprise, though, cleaning up the attic after an animal has made its home there is a must. Cleaning after animal removal means that any potential disease that the animal could spread will be removed and the area will be deep-scrubbed. Not only that, but the entrance hole that the animal used to enter the home will be blocked off. This prevents re-infestation. Furthermore, any potential fire hazards will be discovered and dealt with during this process. Animals chew on electrical wires and, for obvious reasons, this can be extremely dangerous. Cleaning an attic is a necessary aspect of wildlife removal for both the safety of you and the prevention of future infestations

How We Do It

While it can sound like a daunting undertaking, we take a few steps to make it much easier. To begin with, we vacuum and remove animal waste and den materials. This is followed by an in-depth scrubbing of the location to kill pathogens and harmful bacteria. Insulation will then be torn out and replaced. We also ensure that the animal scent is completely gone by the time we’re done. The final step is the sealing of the entrance of the exit hole used by the animal.

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The Cost

The cost depends on the extent of the damage and the area in which the damage is most prevalent. Generally, the price of clean-up ranges from $4-6 per square foot. This means that cleaning up a single area of the attic can cost $250-500. Generally speaking, raccoons will cause the most damage. This is because of their size and destructive habits. Even if the infestation has only been around for a week, cleaning up the attic is strongly recommended. Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC makes the clean-up process quick and affordable. It’s much more expensive to hire two separate companies, one to remove wildlife and one to clean up. That’s why we do both! We also ensure that the cleanup process eliminates all signs of an animal infestation and potential for disease. We ensure that the attic will look better than before we came!

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