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About Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC

Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC is a professional wildlife removal company based in Texas. We are experts in wildlife removal and the cleanup process following the removal. We pride ourselves in the work we do and enjoy every second of it! Here are some of our most notable aspects:

● We are fully licensed and ready to serve residents of Houston, Harris County, and Montgomery County
● We provide humane and ethical service
● We put communication as our top priority
● We have an on-call team available 24-hours a day
● We prevent wildlife from returning
● We serve year-round
● Our crews are highly trained

Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC Is All About

Nothing makes us feel better than seeing the satisfied face of our customers when we finish the removal and cleanup process. We work quickly and efficiently, getting the job done fast while maintaining the high-quality service that we strive for. Our crews are ready to answer any questions or concerns you have with honest and clear answers. We work with you to ensure you’re comfortable with the process and understand what we’re doing. Satisfaction is guaranteed with our work, so you’ll never have to worry about another pest!

We are a fully licensed and trained company, meaning that we put safety as our priority. Our crew is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the safety of the procedure. If we are relocating an animal, we always ensure that it can survive in the wild and the location it is released to guarantees that it will thrive. If we have to remove a family, the family is never separated. We care deeply for the animals and always conduct the removal process with the animal in mind. We, most of all, care for the safety of you and your family/customers! When we remove the animal we conduct an in-depth cleaning of the location the animal was staying in. This ensures that any pathogens the animal has left behind can’t spread to you or others. We also completely remove the ‘wildlife smell’ that is common with infestations. There’ll be no hazards left behind!