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Our wildlife removal services take the stress caused by an animal living in your home off of your shoulders. We know that having an animal in your home is a headache. So why have to deal with it yourself?

By calling us, we’ll be able to inspect your home and determine the precise location of the animal before beginning the removal process. We’ll determine the best way to remove the animal humanely and safely, guaranteeing that the animal, you, and our workers remain safe. Our professional wildlife services also ensure that any damage to the house is repaired. This includes sealing entrance holes, cracks, exit holes, and anywhere else the animal was able to get into and out of your house.

Our Pest Control services are the highest quality in the Houston area. We use only green solutions and focus on maximum coverage to make sure that your insect or rodent problem is under control.

We are not like the large brands out there, we come out and spend quality time with your property making sure that we cover every inch. We do not water down our chemicals nor do we skimp on the amount of pest control product we use. Our customers stay with us because we solve their pest problems and ensure that they will not come back.

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Here at Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC, we are proud to aid the citizens of the Houston area in all their wildlife needs. We serve all of Harris and Montgomery County, including all parts of Houston itself. Whether animal removal or pest control, we are happy to provide a helping hand in quelling these issues. Because animals have become accustomed to urban environments, it’s not uncommon to have an unwanted guest in your home or yard

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Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC is proud to serve the Houston area. We serve all of Harris and Montgomery county, providing quality service to anyone in need. We take our work seriously and always ensure that the pests in your home won’t come back. Not only that, but our methods are humane and ensure the safety of the animal. If we must trap an animal we use only appropriate equipment designed for the animal. We follow all rules and regulations set by the local administration. Communication is another aspect we are proud of. We work to answer any questions you may have expertly and honestly. You’re included in the entire process from start to finish. We understand the stress that an infestation causes. Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC ensures that the process takes the stress off of your shoulders!

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Animals will stay anywhere they can find shelter, food, and water. Homes provide the perfect shelter from predators and the weather, and if you aren’t careful, can provide a food source. A food source can be another pest issue or any food left on the counter or opened in the pantry. Animals prefer locations where they can easily move around such as inside of your walls or in your attic. Removing animals is a necessary part of protecting both your home and your family. When dealing with an animal issue, it’s crucial not to deal with it yourself unless you are properly trained. Because the animals feel cornered and are wild, they will fight tooth and nail to protect themselves. Unless you have the proper equipment and training, leave it to professionals for both the safety of the animal and yourself. Give us a call today, and we’ll be glad to give an inspection.

Communication is one of our proudest aspects. We always ensure you are properly informed when it comes to any decisions we make along the entire process. We explain in-depth what our plan is and how we intend to go about the removal process. We ensure that any questions you have are answered, with honesty and clarity. Give us a call today and we’ll give you a ball-park price range and discuss how we intend to move forward.

We understand that, not only is an infestation stressful on its own, but it can come with safety hazards. We take the safety of you, your family/customers, and our crew extremely seriously. We work to ensure that the animal’s den is cleaned up completely, any waste products, fur, or nesting materials are picked up, and that the area is disinfected. We ensure that any pathogens potentially present are killed on the spot. We ensure the safety of the animal by only using appropriately sized traps for the animal and baits that won’t harm the animal. Our operations are ethical and done with safety in mind. Traps are placed where they can’t fall over or put the animal in jeopardy. We take the safety of our crew very seriously. All of our crew members are properly trained and can deal with any situation that might arise.